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ATTA works with governments, tourism agencies, and tour operators and suppliers around the world to leverage tourism dollars for meaningful change. We know, from decades of research and lived experience, that adventure travelers spend more, spend locally, and take better care of the places they visit.


Our team is made up of passionate travelers who are deeply curious about the world and eager to travel to understand it. In short, we know adventure travel because we are adventure travelers. We are your target market. We harness that experience to collaborate with you to grow, expand, and create newsworthy campaigns and products. We can help you increase your brand awareness across the world and foster sustainable tourism initiatives that generate significant income.

We build our partnerships on genuine connections and truly care about the people we work with. We invest time in each of these relationships to make sure we deeply understand our partners’ goals, needs, lives, and communities. We evolve, adapt, and innovate with changes in the market, and we can guide you through meaningful change. We assemble specialized teams to experience your destination first-hand before making insightful recommendations that can bring your destination, brand, or company to the next level.


Adventure isn’t about the distance from home, the thrill of adrenaline sports, or battling extreme weather. It’s about the mindset. When travelers take an adventurous approach to their trips, they immerse themselves in nature, take the time to learn about history and culture, and experience life more deeply. By doing so, these travelers help local tourism organizations achieve meaningful economic development and sustainability goals.

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Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, adventure-focused travel offers higher return on investment than mass tourism, empowers women to build successful enterprises, and brings communities together for conservation efforts. Our products and programs can help your destination or brand build relationships with media and inbound tour operators, help you set and achieve sustainability goals, understand new markets, and train your suppliers to be more competitive—and that’s just the start.

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From tour operator training programs to live events and international, multi-year partnerships, we offer a wide range of client-focused solutions to set you up for long-term success. Lean on ATTA’s research and advisory teams to more fully understand your target market. Let our trusted and well-connected team help you bring thousands of travel trade members directly to your destination. Our adaptive and nimble team has worked with leaders all over the world to empower destinations and small businesses to meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

Learn more about our solutions categories and set up a call with our team today to find out what we can help you achieve.

Signature Events

Be a leader and craft your brand or destination’s adventure story at in-person events worldwide.

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Market Activation

Bring the travel trade to you to show off your destination first-hand with multi-year programs proven to work.

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Facilitate growth and improve best practices in your supply chain with customizable training programs that can improve suppliers’ competitiveness and safety procedures.

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Our expert team will help you ask and answer the questions that will take your organization to the next level.

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B2B Marketing

Increase your exposure to the global adventure travel trade community with exclusive opportunities to capture their attention.

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Climate Action

Through our educational programming and research we can reduces the travel industry's emissions and continue to help raise awareness with travelers.

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B2C Marketing

Leverage your destination’s best assets for consumer exposure and lead generation with consumer-specific advertising opportunities.

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Not sure what’s next, or even what’s first? Our globally-experienced advisory team will help you build a roadmap to success.

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Solutions Case Study:
Tuscany & ATTA — Co-Creating the Future of Adventure

How might a classic destination experiencing overtourism evolve to promote its rural and natural attractions? The ATTA and Toscana Promozione Turistica began exploring this question several years ago... and through a long term partnership, illustrated in this video case study, have made headway to amplify the positive effects of tourism throughout the region.

Our team is here to help. Set up a discovery call with our team today to discuss your needs and talk through customized solutions that can get you to the next step—and beyond.

STRATEGIES FOR                 


Adventure M.A.P. is our destination strategic plan with a proven track record of success for destinations eager to position their destination for adventure travel. This time-tested destination development system is a pathway that maximizes your investment and tracks impact.

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