Climate Solutions

Travel is undoubtedly a force for good. It supports local livelihoods, generates funding for conservation, and creates personal connections with the natural world that motivate people to work toward positive change. And yet, travel also generates greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. So, how can travel help when it comes to climate?

Through our educational programming and research we can support the necessary transformations in travel, so that our industry reduces its emissions and continues to help raise awareness with travelers. And through our climate programs we enable individuals and businesses to immediately take action in support of natural and technological innovations for climate. Our tools and resources can help you advance climate understanding and spur action within your organization and beyond.


Educating the adventure travel community on urgent climate matters


Equipping individuals and organizations to take action through carbon offset and removal programs


Empowering travelers to contribute to take meaningful climate action


Neutral Together

Neutral Together makes it easy for adventure travel companies to offset their carbon emissions in partnership with others in the industry. Your company can purchase carbon offsets at bulk prices less expensively than individuals can buy offsets on their own. Offsets purchased through this program support a combination of clean cookstove, renewable energy, and forestry projects.

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Tomorrow’s Air

Tomorrow's Air is the world's first carbon removal collective, bringing together travelers, destinations, and trade businesses to support climate-conscious travel education and invest in carbon removal innovations. As an individual traveler, sign up for a monthly membership to help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and permanently store it. As a business, partner with Tomorrow’s Air to support education for our global travel community about carbon removal while contributing to the clean up and permanent storage of carbon dioxide.

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ATTA’s expert team and partners have created solutions your company can support today to ensure your business—and your personal travel—are operating in line with your mission and moving toward net-zero emission strategies.

Incubated by the ATTA, Tomorrow’s Air offers climate education shared through engaging travel stories along with a way to support necessary carbon removal innovations. Our resources can help your business and your guests understand how to move forward, and how to be a model for peer organizations.

Christina Beckmann

Co-Founder of Tomorrow’s Air

Creating a climate strategy plan helps protect the environment and secure your business for generations to come. Partner with us to take action today and start propelling your business forward in a more sustainable way.

At kimkim, we’re passionate about the positive social and economic impacts that travel generates in our destinations—but we also recognize that travel contributes to climate change. Our partnership with Tomorrow’s Air helps us magnify our impact through the permanent removal and storage of carbon dioxide and climate-conscious travel education. We’re excited to be part of a global community helping to scale up new technologies that will be necessary alongside natural solutions for carbon removal.

Eric Chamberlain

Kimkim Head of Destination Development

Can Tourism Support Carbon Removal Through Direct Air Capture?

The climate crisis is a universal issue, one that is impacting the travel industry in a very tangible way right now. Travel industry stakeholders both large and small are mobilizing for action, banding together to lobby for carbon pricing, encourage responsible flying, and fund climate-smart agriculture, agroforestry, and conservation projects, among other initiatives.

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