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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

At the Adventure Travel Trade Association, we believe in the power of tourism to be used as a force for good. We are leaders who will ensure that tourism is a vital force for environmental, social and economic common good.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals inspire and focus us in our efforts. Through our work we set the example for our members and enable their participation around the globe to make an impact in the world.

No Poverty

Through our research, we helped to show that
adventure tourism leaves more revenue in a destination than mass tourism. We enable entrepreneurs in developing nations through education and cooperation. Through our research, events, and focus on small business we bring public and private funders together to support entrepreneurs. We promote less popular tourist destinations to disperse economic resources more broadly.

Quality Education

Through our work in our
AdventureEDU program and with online education, we directly support the development of a more qualified and skillful tourism workforce. Our scholarship programs provide educational resources to companies that otherwise would not be able to access them. We work with donor agencies and governments to provide small startup companies access to business and tourism training for the travel industry.

Gender Equality

Women in leadership is is a perennial focus for the ATTA. More than half of our board are women, and a significant amount of our staff are women leaders. From hosting dedicated events on women leadership, to conducting research on the topic, we respect, value, and support gender equality in our industry and world. We frequently spotlight women leaders through scholarship programs and through our trade newsletter.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

In many places, tourism revenue is the primary factor in economic growth. Through rural tourism, we shift the focus from overpopulated tourist hubs, and empower community-led and entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our localized AdventureNEXT marketplaces connects small businesses to the international market. We conduct initiatives to promote the
safety of guides and guests, and others to help regions recover from recent disasters by regenerating tourism. Furthermore, we support employment in the travel industry through our international job board.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Preserving nature and culture is at the core of our mission. In our conversations with governmental leaders, we’ve even heard how they agree that
adventure travel is key to the preservation of habitat and culture. Our Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI) encourages protection of cultural and natural assets by linking them to competitiveness and economic success. We have conducted community building in Canada and Chile. We have led tree reforestation efforts in Costa Rica, and showcased indigenous communities in Japan.

Responsible Consumption

Preserving adventure destinations through sustainable consumption ensures that future generations will continue to experience a clean world. ATTA has led multi-year efforts for its membership base to
reduce plastics in their operations. We’ve partnered with Switzerland in sustainable tourism, and we’ve raised awareness about and offered ways to mitigate food waste in tourism.

Climate Action

We believe travel can help support the global transformation to climate conscious living.  Through initiatives such
Tomorrow’s Air and dedicated talks at our Adventure Travel World Summit, we encourage climate conscious tourism product development at the national level and build awareness and understanding of the climate crisis and the role tourism and travelers can play. Through our events and social communications we actively support positive climate education, raising awareness among consumers and professionals, building capacity to take meaningful climate action and igniting change from all parts of the tourism industry. Through Tomorrow’s Air and Neutral Together we provide education for travel provides and consumers, and enable affordable, practical emissions mitigation.

Life on Land

Supporting biodiversity and natural heritage is our DNA, as SMEs and community-based businesses are heavily dependent on their conservation. Through our AdventureEDU and AdventurePRO programs, we work with tourism ministries to integrate ecosystem and biodiversity values into national, regional and local planning. And through the promotion of nature-based tourism to consumers, we believe traveler experiences in nature help to foment a conservationist mindset — conservation begins with an experience.