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Signature Events

ATTA events help the adventure travel industry forge quality connections. Event hosts and partners gain opportunities to speak directly with decision-makers leading tour and media companies, and to share inspiring messages that can shape the future of sustainable tourism.

What We Do

The ATTA community is an adventurous mix of 30,000 tour buyers and suppliers, destinations, media, and industry brands from all over the world, and our events bring together leaders from every continent. We can help you find the right platform—and the right words—to reach your target outbound tour operators, buyers, media, and travel advisors.


new products to the right audience


quality media attention in specific markets


connections with boutique travel brands


high-value gatherings of travel trade members


adventurous and emerging destinations in an inspiring light


We facilitate organic meetings at gatherings designed to foster deep professional relationships. Hosts of our signature events are able to bring media and buyers right to their best offerings. 

ATTA events are not traditional travel trade shows or conferences. Instead of swapping business cards with strangers, you’ll start by swapping stories. We let the outdoors and culture headline each event, kicking off AdventureELEVATE and the Adventure Travel World Summit with our storied Day of Adventure. It’s networking in disguise—a relaxed opportunity for partners, hosts, and event delegates to get to know one another naturally on hikes, bike rides, rafting trips, and historic tours, building a foundation for lasting partnerships even before the first “meeting.” And it’s an opportunity for destination partners to show off the hidden gems they’re eager to share with the world.

ATTA’s signature events bring together leading travel professionals from all over the world, and we know what gets their attention. If you partner with us to host a meal, networking event, or session at one of our programs, we’ll help you choose the right stage for your message, and we’ll also help guide you to find words with impact.

Our Signature Events

Adventure Travel World Summit

The annual Adventure Travel World Summit is where the travel industry comes home. Once a year, we partner with a prestigious adventure-minded destination to produce a series of FAM trips, one day adventures, networking events, presentations, and pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with buyers and media. Leaders in the industry will experience the best your destination has to offer. Summits have significant potential for earned media from the world’s top travel publications.


AdventureELEVATE offers an annual opportunity to connect with travel trade members in North American markets. As a partner, you’ll be able to put your brand in front of leaders in your target audience. As a host, you’ll be able to show off what makes your destination unique over several days of presentations and nature-based activities, which have proven time and again to drive itinerary development and earned media.

Our Event Solutions

Hosting an ATTA Event

ATTA partners host events to put their destinations on the adventure map. Partners have hosted Signature Events in many corners of the world to build community and deepen relationships with buyers, suppliers, and media.

Lunch and Dinner Partnership

Be the host of lunch or dinner and kick off community meals with a powerful performance, video, or storytelling about what makes your destination unique. Hosted meals are well-attended and offer excellent networking opportunities for long-term partnerships.

Keynote Partnership

Keynote presentations are a powerful way to associate your brand with inspiring calls to action and education sessions that drive meaningful change in the adventure travel industry. Keynotes address the full attending body of a program. We’ll help you craft a strategic message that builds an emotional connection and drives action.

Parties and Cocktail Hours

Host a relaxed networking event where travel professionals build genuine connections, with your destination or brand as the headliner. Successful hosts have brought food and drinks unique to their destinations to foster memorable, emotional connections with buyers and media.

“PromPeru has attended ATTA events for the last seven years. Through the ATTA we continue to grow our partner base and build connections that will help us to diversify our offer. Thanks in part to the ATTA, Peru is on the world stage in adventure travel!”

Elisabeth Hakim




To infuse adventure into our events, we’ve created the Day of Adventure and Pre-Summit Adventures. We’ll partner with our destination event host to curate the very best adventure itineraries and bring media, buyers, and delegates to explore your destination. Our event adventures create memories that travel worldwide via social media channels from tourism professionals and travel influencers.

"We believe in forging true partnerships, which is why our events are never the same twice. We work together to connect our delegates to the essence of what makes your brand unique."

Gabriella Stowell

Vice President, Regional Development

We can help you figure out exactly what your marketing campaign needs and provide you with high-value leads. Connect with our team members today to set up a call.

Past Partners

We are thankful for the continued trust from our clients. A few representative event partners are: