Market Activation Program for Sustainable Destination Development

Adventure M.A.P.

The trail map for sustainable destination development

Adventure M.A.P. is a destination strategic plan with a proven track record of success for destinations eager to position their destination for adventure travel. This time-tested destination development system is a pathway that maximizes your investment and tracks impact.

Benefits to Adventure M.A.P.

  • Supports sustainable tourism development needs
  • Stimulates incremental improvement towards positioning your destination as a recognized, attractive, and safe outdoor destination
  • Stimulates professional local community to enable mutual gain and fuel economic growth
  • Facilitates market access
  • Incremental phases are designed for for maximum ROI with ability to adjust and refocus on the most effective programs

Adventure M.a.p. Phases

Market Readiness

Preparation and education to enhance your destination as a recognizable, attractive, and safe outdoor travel destination.

Destination Showcase

Reach new partners and activate both your regional supply chain and international buyer markets through in-person events.

Marketing & Storytelling

Make a global impact using generated stories, videos, and images and and expose your destination to travel professionals and adventure travel consumers through meaningful engagements that leave a lasting and actionable impression.

AdventureNEXT Balkans was a significant step in the right direction. It helped small tourism businesses from the Balkans reach out to the global adventure travel market like never before and it proved that they can work together on regional products that create value both for the service providers and their clients.

James Stein

USAID/Macedonia Mission Director


Market Readiness

AdventureEDU Training

AdventureEDU enables individual business professionals, entrepreneurs and destinations seeking to deliver the best adventure travel experiences in a safe and sustainable practice. AdventureEDU programs are enabling and facilitating experiences that: act as market accelerators building enthusiasm, capacity and linkages within the local supply chain; provide tools to address specific local challenges; cultivates community buy-in, and inspire stakeholder cooperation and innovation; provokes cooperation and participation leading to partnerships and action plans.

35 - 75 attendees
Price Range: $10.000 - $25.000

Research Options
Market Personas Development

Useful for both profiling the outbound adventure travelers in your destination’s priority markets and informing future product development, marketing, and tourism investment strategies. We conduct in-depth, qualitative interviews with key adventure outbound tour operators deeply familiar with the priority markets. Based on this, we develop targeted profiles for adventure travelers from these markets.

Price Range: $8,000-$12,000

In-Depth Market Research Study

Learn in-depth about travelers from a specific market, or multiple markets. Potential information includes market sizing, consumer perceptions, demographics, behaviors, preferences and activity/destination demand.

Price Range: $22,000-$30,000

Adventure Travel Trade Perceptions of a Destination

Learn how adventure outbound buyers perceive your destination and your current business and product offerings with meaningful survey input that guides and informs.

Price: $12,000

optional add ons
Adventure Recon

The Adventure Reconnaissance trip serves as an advisory familiarization and education trip led by the ATTA and accompanied by select experienced buyers (and media if/as desired) to evaluate, assess and understand the needs, gaps and opportunities of the destination. As an outcome of this activity, the ATTA delivers a feedback report with recommendations for next steps, specifically tailored to the identified gaps and opportunities for your destination.

Price: $25,000

Online Self-Paced Training

Our catalog of expert online courses can be a ready-made and cost-effective solution to enhance professionalism in your destination, with topics such as safety, business management, and guide training. Purchasing course enrollments in bulk saves 15%- 45% for companies in your community. Companies completing courses receive a certificate of completion.

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Destination Showcase


For AdventureNEXT, we will partner to bring quality and vetted international outbound adventure travel operators and agents to your region for true market activation. Specialized itineraries focused on highlighting the adventurous, sustainable experiences in your destination allow industry professionals ample time to understand the potential of your region prior to a two day intensive marketplace. Our experts craft a marketplace experience that allows all participants to learn and develop relationships for future partnerships. A group of passionate and experienced journalists join you, documenting the adventure experiences and building momentum for branding and exposure of your destination.

Price: $155.000

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Marketing & Storytelling


Inspire travelers to visit your destination, with meaningful visual stories. Our veteran storytelling team travels the globe filming and making compelling tools for destinations. For more than a decade, the ATTA has used its adventure travel market expertise to provide destination marketing and storytelling to showcase world-class adventure travel destinations. Basic distribution is included with each storytelling package to ensure your video reaches our in-house channels.

Price Range: $18,000 – $30,000 destination landing page

Adventure.Travel is the go-to source for information on adventure travel that prioritizes sustainability, serves as a force for good, and transforms people and places. From research and trends to best travel practices, ideal gear, and destinations and operators with outstanding commitments to responsible travel, we have everything you need to make sure your adventures align with your values. A destination landing page features rich content from your destination, and showcases trips and companies offering tours in your region, along with premium social media and email exposure and paid advertising.

Price: $10,000

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optional add ons
impact study

The impact surveys are a scientific tool to appropriately report the (estimated) financial return on investment to the destinations. We undertake extensive work and explore the business generated for local suppliers through new and enhanced business partnerships resulting from projects.

Price Range: $10,500 – $12,500

Premium marketing & Distribution

Tap into the our market access with a meaningful promotion to travelers and the travel trade. Your destination’s story is meant to be shared, and we are equipped to get your brand presence firmly rooted in key source markets. This digital advertising distribution campaign will be tailored to your destination’s marketing objectives and budget in order to maximize reach, visibility, and impact.

Price Range: $19,500 – $27,500

Over $5 million injected into the Jordanian economy because of this sector.

Malia Asfour

Jordan Tourist Board North America

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