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Bring valuable training programs to your community led by experienced practitioners who teach from their own experiences. Custom AdventureEDU programs are led by professionals within the adventure travel community and not only help elevate your suppliers’ offerings and business savvy, but help foster community among like-minded companies that should be working together. At previous AdventureEDU programs, we’ve worked with tourism boards to bring together high-quality groups of suppliers in pursuit of a common goal and facilitated community development beyond expectations.

What We Do

ATTA´s approach includes a multi-format solution: a wide range of sector-relevant content including safety and risk management, adventure guide training, experience and service design, product development, and much more. In order to make the content delivery more effective, we use a customized combination of educational formats. This proven methodology enhances audience performance and supports practical implementation.

AdventureEDU is ATTA’s hands-on learning program, with a robust portfolio of training solutions to help your destination thrive and become more competitive, whether you’re still at an early stage of growth in the adventure travel market or you are already a global leader. These tailored programs are designed to improve destinations’ market readiness and help suppliers and entrepreneurs position themselves for success in the industry.

From self-paced online courses to custom, in-person training events to help your best suppliers improve and attract more high-quality visitors, we can help you identify areas where training can take your destination to the next level and then execute a plan to get there.

Our educators are best-in-class practitioners: adventure travel company owners, expert guides, and DMOs whose experience informs best practices worldwide.


safety and sustainability practices


market competitiveness 


partnerships between suppliers


development innovation 

Highlighted Training Programs

  • Product development
  • Marketing and sales
  • Sustainability practices
  • Safety and risk management
  • Business management
  • Self-guided tour creation
  • Storytelling and content creation
  • Guide certification
  • Capacity building
  • Community building


We understand how adventure travel works, and we speak the language of suppliers and buyers facing business challenges. We can help you raise the standards for best practices—in sustainability, health and safety, product development, marketing, and more—in your destination through expert-led trainings targeted specifically at your needs. ATTA’s team and community are full of people who have worked in destination marketing and been guides, tour buyers, and suppliers. We are well-connected with industry-leading safety and business experts across the globe, and we’ll assemble a savvy team to help you achieve your goals.

Our Education Solutions

In-Person Training

We encourage our destination partners to conduct in-person trainings whenever possible. Our experience proves that in-person programming is a highly successful way to teach new skills and implement changes with lasting impact.

Virtual Courses

Virtual courses are ATTA’s most flexible education format. Using the same source content as in-person courses, virtual programs allow you to offer our educational programs at scale.


We can combine education formats to fit the needs of your destination, your timeline and goals, the scale of your audience, and the resources you have available.


Our self-paced online courses enable you to offer training in best practices to large groups of suppliers allowing them to go through the course at their conveniece l. Our programs are led by trusted advisors and experts and dive deep on topics including risk management, improving sustainability practices, creating self-guided itineraries, guide training, business management, and more.

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Technical Assistance

We also can implement capacity-building and technical assistance programs with our education content as the foundational layer. Our team of experts support tour operators and guides in different parts of the world to implement sustainability and safety practices with innovative methodologies.

“We can help you look at your product through the eyes of a discriminating tourist, and then bring in world-class educators to strengthen areas that need attention.”

Russell Walters

ATTA Regional Director of North America


Tailored content for a forward-thinking community of adventure tourism operators allows participants to dream about the future, design cutting-edge and sustainable product offerings, and consider innovative ways to work with international trade partners.

“There has never been a more pressing time for local businesses to make changes… by aligning with ATTA we were able to supply entrepreneurial minds with the guidance and expertise needed to lead them onto the correct path, primarily through redesigning touristic activities.”

Hamzeh Shamaileh

Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprises

Knowledge, training, and powerful community-focused, educational events can help take your organization to the next level. Set up a call with our Education team today.

Past Partners

We are thankful for the continued trust from our clients. A few representative companies we have partnered with for education solutions are: