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Research is one of the most important contributions we make to our community and the broader travel industry. Our research team partners with destinations and brands to sponsor trendspotting, industry-leading, and media-worthy reports on issues, and we’re also available for custom research projects to help you meet your goals.

What We Do

Our adept researchers conduct everything from large-scale surveys to custom, boutique fact-finding projects to help our partners understand their clientele and succeed at scale.


gaps in the market


goals to take your organization to the next level


and analyze your target audience


where your destination stands on a global scale


brand awareness with a researched-backed approach


ATTA is committed to supporting adventure travel suppliers, buyers, and DMOs, and other industry leaders to make decisions based on the best possible information. And we know how to find the answers you’re looking for. Our knowledge runs deep from decades of experience with the adventure travel industry. Our research team creates client recommendations based on intensive fact-finding missions. We can help you understand what questions you need to ask to find the information you need to achieve your goals, and we can tap exactly the right people to answer those questions.

Our Research Solutions

Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI) Special Report

Learn how vital trends in the adventure travel industry affect your specific destination with data from this annual ranking. Your custom report dives deep to show how your destination fares with regard to new trends, as well as how you compare to others.

Adventure Travel Trade Perceptions of a Destination

Understand what the travel trade thinks of your destination, and where there are areas for improvement. Our custom research projects can help you compete by keeping up with changing needs and hearing directly from the kinds of buyers you want to work with.

Consumer Research

Find greater success in new endeavors—such as launching a sustainability campaign or reaching a new market—by starting off with a full understanding of who you’re trying to reach. Our experts conduct research on market sizing, demographics, traveler behaviors and perceptions, and other specific questions you’re trying to answer.

Market Personas Development

Appeal to your target demographic with assistance from our research team, who can analyze your ideal travelers and personify their dreams, challenges, and goals. Through extensive interviews with key outbound tour operators, we’ll create market persona profiles to help you understand adventure travelers in their markets.

We have a vast network of skilled, brilliant leaders eager to collaborate with us on research projects for the benefit of our industry partners. It’s like we have 500 friends who are all the best at what they do in the industry—and who are committed to getting involved for the improvement of travel worldwide.

Heather Kelly

ATTA Senior Researcher Manager

What is adventure travel? Just how big is it? What are the regional differences?

The adventure travel market spans countries, ranging from startups to mature businesses. Depending on who you ask, the definition of “adventure travel” can vary quite a lot. We offer clarity in the form of deep, expert-led research, and have been informing the adventure travel community since we launched our first Adventure Travel Industry Snapshot in 2005. 

Replace guesses and hypotheses with facts and empirical research. We can help you figure out the right questions to ask.Connect with our team today to take the first step toward finding the answers you need to expand your reach and grow your business.

Past Partners

We are thankful for the continued trust from our clients. A few representative companies we have partnered with for research solutions are: