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We create solutions for the challenges your destination or brand faces. As the global authority on adventure tourism, we use our knowledge and expertise to aid in the development of tourism destinations and companies in the world.

What We Do

Based on our deep understanding of the travel sector, we use a hands-on approach to engage and support our partners to implement global best practices on innovation, sustainability and safety.


competitiveness to help you gain visibility against other destinations


your destination strategy roadmap


you to make and meet sustainability goals


technical assistance to improve safety and sustainability standards and regulations


certification systems for companies and guides


product development


and foster community within your supply chain


innovative solutions to complex problems with design thinking


ATTA is well-positioned to advise the adventure travel community on a range of issues, thanks to our expertise at every level of servicing the industry. We draw on the experiences of suppliers, tour operators, destination marketing organizations, media, and travelers in every corner of the world. We work with global brands and leading destinations such as Sweden, Jordan, Chile, and Japan, and we navigate fast-changing governmental realities on every continent.

We create solutions for some of the most challenging issues facing the adventure travel industry, from COVID-19 health and safety guidelines to climate action solutions. We know the industry inside and out and regularly work with global leaders to solve complex and urgent problems.

Our Advisory Solutions


Strengthen your reputation and learn how to bring more visitors to your destination. We improve safety and sustainability standards and regulations, based on international best practices. We implement programs to foster community and build capacity. We can execute technical training programs to offer guides and operators high-quality certifications from trusted and well-respected organizations.

Stakeholders & Community Development

Collaboration and common vision is at the heart of success in adventure travel. The Adventure Community Builder engages participants in facilitated group networking and strategic planning to enhance collaborative spirit and nurture partnerships for the benefit of the entire destination and all destination stakeholders.

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Methodologies

ATTA provides technical assistance methodologies for governments, associations and companies seeking to provide the best adventure travel experiences in a safe and sustainable practice. Our programs includes solving destination specific problems  and helping companies and guides become more competitive to the global adventure travel market.

Adventure Travel Readiness & Potential

Let us send trusted experts to evaluate your destination and map out your best offerings. We can help you establish a competitive stake in the adventure travel industry to attract higher-spending, eco-conscious travelers. Our experts and Storytelling team can tease the hidden gems out of your destination’s less-known corners to help you understand what your suppliers are doing well, what’s unique about your destination, and where additional education might help your suppliers improve competitiveness in the market.

“We’ve felt your pain and we’re here to listen—we can work together with you to collaboratively build solutions.”

Gustavo Timo

ATTA Vice President of Product and Destination Development



Every destination needs to find the best mix of rules and tactics that is most likely to succeed. Based on extensive review of models and approaches, our team engages in interactive discussions about what makes sense for your local industry. The process of exploring options helps us understand what works best in the local context. ATTA supports destinations on these journeys to find the best solutions.

“The project developed together with ATTA reached more than 2,000 companies and people. We are convinced that to implement improvements that bring benefits to tourism the best time will always be today.”

José Luis Uriarte

Host of Chile AdventurePRO

We can help you set and achieve goals for your organization. Connect with our Advisory team today to learn how we can help you find and take the best next step toward success.

Past Partners

We are thankful for the continued trust from our clients. A few representative companies we have partnered with for advisory solutions are: