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Why AdventureEDU with ATTA?

AdventureEDU Educators are experienced adventure business owners and trainers; they share proven techniques to help drive profitability and sustainability. AdventureEDU is a UNWTO-endorsed training program specifically dedicated to improving the adventure tourism sector. ATTA’s AdventureEDU Clients include:

  • Colorado Tourism (U.S.A.)
  • New York State Tourism (U.S.A.)
  • Macedonia
  • Peru
  • Western Balkans
  • Greenland
  • Saudi Arabia in partnership with UNWTO
How much does AdventureEDU cost?

AdventureEDU programs for destinations range in price from $17,000 to $30,000 for up to 75 participants. The cost of the program is determined by four variables:

  1. Number of topics covered
  2. Number of educators involved
  3. Duration of program: AdventureEDU training can be provided in a single-day set of seminars or two, three or more days
  4. Number of participants. Training programs for more than 75 participants require additional educators.

AdventureEDU Guide Training is a five day field instruction course by two field guide experts for up to 20 participants. The cost is $36,000 USD for four major instruction areas: General Technical and Safety Skills; Group Management; Natural and Cultural History Interpretation; Sustainability. This program is the only immersive Guide Training available designed specfically for adventure guides. Learn more about the Guide Training program here.

AdventureEDU is also now available in online modules, perfect for the individual owner / operator or adventure tourism professional looking to expand their industry skill sets. Our current online course library offers courses for under $200 USD – view our courses here.

My country needs an adventure travel operator certification program. Can AdventureEDU help us?

Yes! If your country is interested in learning how to implement a national certification program for adventure travel, AdventureEDU educators have helped other countries do this in the past, and can work with your destination to design and implement a suitable system for your country.

However, AdventureEDU training seminars are not part of a certification program and the Adventure Travel Trade Association does not certify companies who complete training courses offered through the program.

The guides in my destination really need better safety skills. Can AdventureEDU provide technical skills training?

Yes! AdventureEDU educators with experience in field training as well as AdventureEDU institutional partners provide technical skills training. AdventureEDU institutional partners are recognized market leaders in outdoor skills training. A technical training team working in a single country would likely include a representative from AdventureEDU working alongside regional experts. Technical skills training for guides can be done via our in-destination training (see Course Subject Areas), our Guide Training Program, or a custom designed solution. Contact us for more information.

What happens if we host an in-country AdventureEDU training and not all the companies we invite can attend?

The success of an in-person AdventureEDU training largely depends on the engagement of the attendees at the event itself through the dynamic nature of networking, discussion and processing ideas alongside industry experts. Invited attendees only, who cannot make it to the training, may receive access to the presentation deck and any worksheets or tools provided by the presenter.

Destinations may choose to record the seminars for an additional price. These recorded sessions may be shared post training with industry professionals in their destination but remain the property of ATTA.

How does Adventure EDU work? We’d like to have AdventureEDU in our destination, how do we start?

The first step in buying an AdventureEDU program for your destination is to contact the Adventure Travel Trade Association to have a conversation about your destination’s most pressing needs. We can help you select the most appropriate courses from the Adventure Jumpstart program or the Adventure Community Builder, or develop a custom program. This diagram describes how AdventureEDU works in more detail.

AdventureEDU team discusses with the destination the key concerns and desires for training.

ATTA provides a Concept Note describing a recommended program of training ( e.g. in-country or online, a program of 1-day or multiple days).

Which topics does the Adventure EDU program cover?

In-destination AdventureEDU courses cover topics in five course areas. These are :

  1. Adventure Travel Industry Trends
  2. How to Create Adventure Packages That Deliver Visitors
  3. Adventure Travel Marketing for Destinations
  4. Adventure Marketing for Companies
  5. Adventure Travel Risk and Safety Management

You can read more about them here.

Additionally, we also offer field training specifically for Adventure Travel Guides. Read more here.

Who does the training? Who are the experts?

Training is provided by educators from the AdventureEDU team.  You can read more about our team of experts here.

How are educators assigned? Can we “interview” them before we agree?

Educators are assigned to AdventureEDU programs based on their areas of expertise and availability. You may meet with the educators assigned to your program prior to the start of the session.

Is this a train-the-trainer program?

All AdventureEDU training materials may be re-used by participants in the future, and participants are encouraged to share materials and lessons learned in the sessions. “Train-the-trainer” means a specific type of training that involves coaching future trainers through role playing, scenario testing, and extensive question and answer sessions which prepare them to deliver the content independently. Train-the-trainer programs can be made available for an additional fee.

We want training to be sustainable, how does the ATTA ensure this?

AdventureEDU can offer destinations a monthly check-in with AdventureEDU educators to review key concepts, answer new questions, and compare progress against goals.

How do we know that the training will meet our specific needs?

You can be assured that your AdventureEDU program will meet your specific needs because we work closely with you to refine the content of your program prior to its start.

How long is the training (e.g., how many days/weeks)?

AdventureEDU training programs are custom-fit to your needs and budget. A program may consist of three seminars offered over the course of a single day, or fifteen seminars over the course of a week. Programs may also be designed to specify routine monthly coaching sessions with companies over the course of three, six or twelve months.

What’s the format?

AdventureEDU training programs are offered in interactive seminars using presentation materials, worksheets and exercises. In some cases, field trips are planned. Technical skills training is offered in the field.

Is this training for office and/or field skills?

AdventureEDU offers business management courses for adventure travel operators in five course areas:

  1. Adventure tourism definition and concepts
  2. Adventure travel product development and marketing
  3. Operational excellence
  4. Adventure travel operator safety and risk management
  5. Adventure travel legal matters

You can read more about them here.

AdventureEDU can also provide technical skills training for adventure travel operators and guides based on your specific needs. A few of the technical skills we train include whitewater rafting, canyoning, rock climbing, mountaineering, swiftwater and high altitude rescue. Please contact us to discuss your specific need.

Can we do the training online and/or is their a complementary program supporting the in-person training?

Seminars can be provided online using our GoToMeeting platform which allows participants to view the instructor’s presentation and ask questions during the seminar. Online training can be used to support an in-person series of seminars or offered as a stand-alone service.

How many students can participate in a training program? What’s the limit?

AdventureEDU JumpStart and Community Builder programs can be offered to up to 150 people. Participant groups of this size are split into working groups to complete exercises. AdventureEDU Guide Training is offered for groups of 20 or less.

How long has the EDU program been taking place? What are examples of past clients?

AdventureEDU offered its first training programs in 2011. Case studies from past clients are available here.

Can we distribute the online course assets to other employees / partners not originally included in the program? Can we publish any part of the presentation elsewhere?

You may distribute course materials to employees or partners (with ATTA approval) who were not able to participate in the original program provided you maintain the AdventureEDU branding in all materials. You may privately publish the material in a secure (password protected) area available to employees and partners, appropriately branded, with ATTA approval.

How long is a typical EDU program, start to finish?

AdventureEDU JumpStart and Community Builder training programs are custom-fit to your needs and budget. A program may consist of three seminars offered over the course of a single day, or fifteen seminars over the course of a week. Programs may also be designed to specify routine monthly coaching sessions with companies over the course of three, six or twelve months. Past programs have included 90-minute single topic seminars, three-day workshops, and five-day programs including field trips. There really is no “typical” AdventureEDU program!

AdventureEDU Guide Training, on the other hand, has been carefully designed by seasoned industry guiding experts to include training in all major aspects of guiding. This program is therefore more structured, consisting of five full training days in the field, complete with exercises, presentations and interactive coaching.

Past programs have included 90-minute single topic seminars, three-day workshops, and five-day programs including field trips. There really is no “typical” AdventureEDU program!

Outside of AdventureEDU courses, is the ATTA and their facilitators available for more extensive consulting practices?

Yes. If, at the conclusion of your AdventureEDU training program you would like engage one of your educators for more in-depth consulting, you may do so.

Is there coursework for attendees outside of the field work and presentations?

In a multi-day course an educator may request that participants complete an exercise outside the session.

Can EDU be structured around a particular campaign or goal we’re planning for?

Yes. If your destination is planning a promotional event for adventure tourism, a program of training for businesses and guides can be developed to support the marketing campaign.

What technology do we need for an online EDU program?

Our online AdventureEDU courses require only that you have a reliable internet connection and a computer.

In which languages is AdventureEDU training available?

AdventureEDU educators currently provide training in English and Spanish. We are always interested in meeting new trainers and educators with other language skills. If you would like to nominate a potential AdventureEDU educator with specific language skills, you may do so here.

My organization is an ATTA member. Can I or my staff have access to completed AdventureEDU programs or individual presentations?

AdventureEDU is a separate entity, comprised of the ATTA, partners and individual experts and consultants. The resources compiled here are therefore not ATTA Member Benefits. Members should contact AdventureEDU to find out about ATTA Member pricing options, as some of the EDU content might be available at Member Discount.

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