A Case Study on ATTA's Consumer Marketing Project with PromPeru

Telling the story of the Peruvian Amazon

In 2019, the Adventure Travel Trade Association in association with the Peruvian National Tourism Board (Pomperu) led an adventure trip to the north of Peru in order to evince the area’s natural beauty and cultural landscape, ultimately highlighting Peru’s Amazonian jungle as an alluring destination.

This trip would include partnering with local lodges, guides, and vendors in order to create an authentic Amazonian experience while also stressing the ideas of community renewal and sustainability. In turn, the ATTA also documented the entire trip, creating a series of promotional videos which also focus on these ideas. These videos in turn were used as a means to promote awareness of the area and shed light on a valuable area of Peru that is currently facing ecological exploitation.

The ATTA created a series of short videos, ads, and campaign landing pages to help showcase this incredible region to travelers. 

The Destination Showcase on Adventure.Travel

The consumer campaign on Adventure.Travel included:

  • Creative and advertising strategy 
  • 10-day filming itinerary in the Peruvian Amazon
  • 1 longer consumer focused video
  • 3 short YouTube Pre-roll videos
  • Adventure.Travel Destination Showcase landing page
  • Consumer Promotion
  • Email & Social Media Distribution

The Peruvian Amazon, particularly the Loreto region, faces threats from deforestation and oil drilling, endangering biodiversity and indigenous cultures. Supporting the region's sustainable development was a key reason of ATTA's involvement. Project impact included:

  • Incorporating sustainable tourism which employed locals, preserved indigenous heritage, and supported community initiatives
  • Hearing the stories of local guides who displayed the benefits of ecotourism and contributed to preserving native cultures and languages
  • Supporting initiatives that provided economic opportunities for local women through the production and sale of handicrafts
  • Adventure activities offer visitors immersive experiences in the Amazon, emphasizing the importance of conservation and community engagement

The results from the consumer campaign surpassed the ATTA goals for the campaign by more than 300% and included:

  • 3.3MM video views on YouTube
  • 350k impressions on Facebook
  • 600k impression on Google ads
  • 4,700 hours of viewing activity on YouTube

View the campaign videos on Youtube

Photos by Charley Voorhis, © ATTA / PromPeru. 
Thank you to Jacob Hoxie and CABI Case Studies for the investigative work into the project results.